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Client Comments

"I can't thank you enough! The invitations are beautiful, just perfect! I'm having the cake made to be an exact match of the card." Joelle

"I had to tell you...I was shopping for a card to send to our nephew and his wife. They are expecting a baby in May. I looked high and low for one with just the right sentiment and I found it in "Its Only Natural". It was one of yours! The one with the folded diaper on the front. It was simple, but beautiful, and the words about 'life-changing' were just so appropriate. So, thank you for your creativity and artistry, and for sure I'll be heading into that store on my next card search. " Silvia

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the cards and they turned out beautifully! I love the little key on the envelope - the perfect finishing touch. I brought them to a Federal Hill Board meeting last night and everyone ooh'd and aah'd over them. Thank you so much!" Karen Stevens

"We were extremely pleased with JK Designs' work", commented Zaiga Antonetti, Associate State Director for Education UCONN/CSBDC," They were very creative in coming up with exactly what we were looking for with little input from us."

"With the world getting more impersonal, what with e-mail, voice-mail, text messaging and related, there is still a place for the personalized note and thank you. While I write a lot of letters and e-mails to my small business clients, I purchased note cards from JK Designs for that special situation when I want the recipient to know that he or she is very important to me and that I sincerely appreciate their help and support. I feel that sending a JK designed card probably makes a bigger statement than any words that I may write on the card. I am proud to be able to use a JK Designs card for those very special communications." Paul M. Hughes, Business Counselor CSBDC, Middletown, CT

"If you believe that the personal touch is essential to your continued success, then you owe it to yourself to work with Jean and Karen of JK Designs. I own a home inspection company. I wanted not only my customers to know that I appreciated their business but also the trust of the person that referred that customer to me. I was looking for a way to express my thanks, and by good fortune I met Jean and Karen. They spent the time necessary to find out what was important to me, what message I wanted to convey, and then came up with a dynamite design. I get compliments all the time on the cards I send out, which tells me that I have now made a lasting and solid impression. I am confident that the personal touch of a hand-made thank you card, in such an impersonal world, sets me apart from my competition and will contribute to my continued success." Mark Hatheway, Inside Out Home Inspections LLC

"Following a speech to the Middlesex Micro Business Council, I received a beautiful thank-you note from Jean & Karen. The card was so unique that I kept it on my desk for months. Even while focusing on their tax returns, my clients noticed the card and remarked on the originality of the design and the obvious quality. There''s no doubt that these cards make an impression - what a great way for a business to stand out!" Robyn M. Sparks, CPA, Mahoney Sabol & Company, LLP

"Lovely cards, handmade with care and special touches. Jean and Karen put a lot of love into their work which comes through to the customer as they send out an extra-special greeting." Sally Farrell, Tapestry Rose

"On behalf of the Cromwell Recreation Department and the residence of the various convalescent homes in town, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valentine's cards. I enclosed some for each of the homes to distribute to their residents. They are gorgeous. I appreciate you thinking of the department. I am sure the cards brought a big smile to the resident's faces. Thank you again." Susan L. Schein, Cromwell Recreation Director

"I sent a customer of mine one of JK Designs cards for Christmas. The card looked and said just what I wanted it to. My client told me that the card I sent stood out from all the rest she received as a very special one to keep." Pat Tucker, In-Home Gourmet

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